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Bacon Patty Melt


Cheddar, grilled onions, bacon, on Cheddar jalapeño toast with raspberry chipotle sauce

Burger Selection:SGL Angus Burger DBL Angus Burger +$6SGL Local Grass Fed Burger +$2.50SGL Local Elk Burger +$6
Meat Temperature:Blue Rare Rare Medium Rare Medium Medium Well Well Done
Entree Side:Fries Broccolini Hand Cut Fries +$2Potato Salad +$2Mashed Potatoes Cole Slaw Sweet Potato Wedges +$2Loaded Mashed Poatoes +$2Onion Rings +$2Pork Green Chili +$2Side Salad +$1
Burger Adds/Subs:2 Strips of Bacon +$3Avocado +$2Blue Crumbs +$0.75Bourbon Onions +$0.75Cheddar +$0.75Diced Chilis +$0.75Mushrooms +$0.75Pepper Jack +$0.75Provolone +$0.75Smoked Gouda +$0.75Swiss +$0.75
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